Thursday 25 October 2018


Notes for myself, perhaps. and anyone else interested.

Obsidi ended up indeffed. Here's the ANI close; here's the note at [[User talk:Obsidi]].

What's kinda interesting is the total lack of anyone supporting him. And, in a sense, the lack of discussion. It's like everyone has been waiting for this. In GW terms, I have him tagged as a "skeptic", though not an especially unreasonable one. What's also interesting is the obsessive secrecy; there's just no hint of provenance at all. Or rather, Obsidi does his best to avoid giving out such. Though at one point he erred, and edited as anon with a CEI IP; hence my tweak Which, characteristically, he ignored, other than having the edit rev del'ed.

Update 2018/11/03: unblock declined.

Update: 2018/12/14: second unblock procedurally declined as stale.

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