Sunday 25 May 2014

Stanage with Daniel and Jamie

10387602_10152436958642350_5059908929471075513_n I took Daniel and his friend Jamie climbing. To Stanage, naturally (see-also Stanage, Youth 2010 and Chatsworth, Old Man from earlier this year). Nearish to Black Hawk area, stuff like:

  • Black Hawk Hell Crack. S(hiny) **
  • Sociology, S
  • Two tier climb VD
  • Cakestand VD
  • Crack and Corner, HVD 4b
There are more pix on facebook, if you have permission to see them.

Saturday 17 May 2014

Debris Art

Phil and Sarah and Helen and David came to visit, to celebrate my birthday. We went out to a restaurant that friends of theirs, who had owned a restaurant near them, had moved too -

But the reason for this post is to put up this pic, which I took with my phone, and was I think from a "picture" made by Helen: