Wednesday 5 October 2011

UPF: Budapest

My second UPF, like the first, in Budapest. This is no co-incidence: I'm keen to come here, since it is a lovely place and I came in 1986; and it isn't high on most people's wish-list.

It is still lovely. This year I had the forethought to ask for a room overlooking the river, and it is gorgeous; see pic. It doesn't always look exactly like that of course :-).

As to the work: better than last time (when I was #3 on a team and did make-work while SW did anything real). Still, NS does most of the real work, since I don't know CAT2 well enough, and CAT1 barely. That is fine; probably I don't need to be here. It would make sense if I was staying on Robinson but I suspect I'm off soon. No matter; the break is pleasant. I'm here because I was asked (i.e., for the company) and because I wanted to come. The food in the breaks is also superb.

We're busier this time than last; I've only managed to squeeze in one little walk up to Fisherman's Bastion (see pix, etc. etc.), apart from a few early-morning and late runs: the Margitsziget 10k. Last night I ran it with NSu at his request: that was quite fun (I normally run alone) though I was a little annoyed to only run at 5:30 due to stress on my calves, which I didn't want to push with the upcoming marathon. There is new graffiti and old bronze and oldish stone and people.

Now back home. I could have done with more time to tourist: I only got Friday pm from 3, and it was raining then. I found the huge synagogue (but it was shut), got lost, found the national museum and some stuff about Eotvos. It would be good to speak more Hungarian; maybe if I ever come back I'll try harder.