Sunday 22 April 2012

Daniel's teeth and self-assessment

Basic family history: last friday, Daniel had two top teeth out, in preparation for getting a brace fitted. It seems to have gone well; he wasn't curled up in a ball with pain as I'd feared, but happily playing on the computer as soon as he got back, and gaily saying "the Dentist said this was the best thing to do: takes my mind off it, and isn't exercise".

daniel-teethWe'd taken him to the orthodontist for braces a while back - early February. The first thing they did was to take this x-ray. Then the O looked at him and said "learn to brush your teeth properly and come back in a month". How embarassing. So we did, and we did. Then he looked properly and decided that Yes D did need braces, but also he needed two teeth out. That was a bit of a surprise. But its all part of the process it seems. So we booked an apt for the braces, and then booked an appt back with his dentist to take the teeth out. And that, for the moment, is that. We wait ~6 weeks for the teeth-out to settle down.

D's self-assessment

[This via the school. We didn't take it too seriously, and neither did he, but the "must write things down more, write at greater length, and care about non-tech subjects" sounds all too familiar from my youth.]

The Perse School Cambridge Lent Term 2012
Pupil Self Assessment
Pupil’s Name: Connolley, Daniel Form: 09L

Areas of Strength

I feel most confident in maths lessons because I am good at precise, analytical skills. I almost
always manage to organise my homework and get it in on time because I organise myself well. I
enjoy Design technology because I am good at most of the skills involved – Programming, design,
and practical skills.

Areas for Improvement

I feel less confident in English because I find it difficult to write essays. I would like to improve my
performance in art. I plan to improve in this area by obtaining better equipment and spending more
time on my work.

Three specific targets to address

(At least one should be academic, and one more general in nature.)
1. I will try to get more sleep at night by going to bed on time and stopping gaming half an hour early.
2. I will try to include more detail in my written work by spending the full allotted time over it.
3. I will try to improve my performance in Spanish tests by learning the positions of f accents.

Extra-Curricular Involvement

I do Climbing club, as I enjoy climbing and sometimes do it outside of school (with my parents, who have done a lot of it).
I am also doing the Microsoft MTA web development course.