Sunday 13 August 2017

Ecrins 2017

As briefly noted in A bit more mountain, 2017 over on the "real blog", the trip to the Ecrins in 2016 was so good I wanted to go back; and it turned into the family holiday. M didn't go above the snowline, but D and E both climbed with me. The trip sort-of split into two weeks, the first starting at the Pilatte hut and in various places; the second in a chalet in Vallouise.

Week 1

* Sunday 13th: arrival.
* Monday 14th: la Berade, Pilatte
* Tuesday 15th: Gioberney
* Wednesday 16th: glacier; valley; St Christophe en Oisans
* Thursday 17th: la Grave; glacier de la Girose; refuge Evariste Chancel
* Friday 18th: Rateau
* Saturday 19th: valley, Vallouise

Week 2

* Sunday 20th: refuge du Glacier Blanc
* Monday 21st: Roche Faurio; refuge des Ecrins
* Tuesday 22nd: practising
* Wednesday 23rd: Dome de Neige des Ecrins; valley
* Thursday 24th: holiday
* Friday 25th: holiday; return

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