Saturday 30 April 2011

Head of the Cam, 2011, pictures

The 2011 Head of the Cam, run by Chesteron rowing club, was on April 30th. Full results are available. Briefly, Mens winners were Caius in 8:28; Womens were Downing in 10:00.

This post is to point you towards the stills I took of the event, which are hosted at flickr. See the collection Head of the Cam 2011 (current status: all done).

* Division 1: set 1 (boats to 109); set 2 (boats 110-125); set 3 (boats 125-138); set 4 (boats 137 on) [Hmm, those numbers aren't monotonic. Overtaking or starting out of order, who knows?] * Division 2: set 2 (boats 201-216); set 2 (boats 216 onwards) * Division 3: set 1 (boats to 316); set 2 (boats 315-333); set 3 (boats 334 onwards)

Also, there will be video available at spannerspotter in due course.

Now the begging bit. You may use the photos freely for personal use, blogging, etc. Please provide a credit to me, in the form of a link back to this post (also, if you put them online, I'd be interested to know where. Perhaps drop me a mail (wmconnolley(at); or put a comment to this blog posting). Also, please consider donating to club funds via the paypal "donate" button below. You may give whatever you feel the pictures are worth :-) but something like £1 would be sufficient.

[Ahem: that is the updated link, if anyone tried and failed to donate before]

Note: whatever the paypal link says, the funds will go to the club, not me personally. Should you actually wish to purchase the copyright to the photograph, that will cost a little more. Please email wmconnolley(at)

Other pix of possible interest

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