Sunday, 3 August 2014

The Peloponnese: Saturday, and general observations

A reminder: the introduction and general index is at the post about the first day, Saturday. Day the last. Another beautiful cloudless morning and as ever its pretty hard to get out of bed to enjoy it. Nonetheless I'm out by 7 and pounding the pavements. My left Achilles tendon is still somewhat stiff, it seems to me, or am I just malingering? Whichever, thinking about it distracts my mind and body, and therefore slows me down, which I sort-of don't mind to much really. As long as I'm under 5:00 / km that's good enough for today. Same route as yesterday nearly; out to the point, only today about half-way along I follow a sign to "the lagoon" which adds a 200 m detour across the sandbar, which is fine as that makes it exactly 10 k back to the village. Its quite still (later the wind gets up) and I go for a quiet slow swim from the mole out into the blue, heading towards Sphacteria but I know I'm not going to go that far. Turn back, into the hotel, but M not in, so seek her at the pool and join in for a couple of lengths.

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