Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Stubai: packing list

DSC_4103(Saturday: arrival)

(See also: 2015)

Right, I'm going to write this down, so I never lose it again. Ho ho. TO MAYBE BUY WHEN I GET HOME: Stubaier Alpen alpin: Alpenvereinsf├╝hrer f├╝r Hochalpenwanderer und Bergsteiger - Klier, Walter

Items marked with "=" are on the "should not have been taken" list.

* compass and whistle
* phone and charger
* D-80 and charger
* hat
* umbrella
* gaiters
* 30 m cord
* two ski sticks
* crampons
* walking boots
* spare glasses * 2
* sun/glacier glasses
* sun cream
* lip salve
* first aid kit
* money
* passport
* boarding passes
* tooth brush and soap
* towel
* head torch and spare
* turtle
* dayglo "buff"
* "bas" fleece hat
* "silk" balaclava
* E111 / EHIC medical card
* water bottle
* tiny swiss army penknife
* larger opinel
* nail scissors
= helmet
* raincoat (lightweight flimsy, and emergency backup super-flimsy)
* waterproof (ish, mostly for warmth for pre-dawn starts) trousers
* gloves times three: thin inners, fleecey, dachsteins
= books (don't go overboard like usual) "the old ways", Robert Macfarlane; "histories", Herodotus
= two ice axes (adzes; one climbing, one walking)
= big rucksac (macpac)
* daysac (lowe alpine spire 40)
* kindle (shares phone charger) loaded
* lightweight sac (exped 25 yellow)
* at least one bin liner and one spare
* maps (Alpenvereinskarte Hochstubai and Sellrain)
* garmin 610 watch and charger and usb plug
* foreign-to-uk adapter plug
* notebook (Moleskine red) and pen/cil
* a couple of small plastic bags
= pack of cards
* clothes: 2 * long tops; 1 tech t; 2 cotton t; 2 pairs thin socks; 1 pair thick; 4 pairs pants; shorts; running shorts; 2 * tracksters; 
* food - NO
* take sandals - NO

Total weight: 14 kg.

In the end I didn't take any food. This meant I got dwarf bread for breakfast and no lunch at all for a week; this was fine.

Things I should not have taken

Written afterwards.

=  700g - ice axe, the walking one
= 1900g - big rucksac (macpac)
=  750g - books
=  400g - helmet
=  100g - pack of cards
=  100g - second spare pair of glasses
=  400g - thermal top and bottom, excess spare t-shirt

Total: 4.4 kg. That's a lot. I'd have been better off with less than 10 kg on my back instead of more than 14. Having the "spare" large pack was nice, but not worth it. If I trim the books and the axe and the excess clothes, then everything fits into the Spire (and I have the Exped for the plane). Don't take 4 pairs of underpants; two are fine (one on, one off) and 3 pairs of thin socks at most; the thick socks were an unneeded luxury.

Also to be careful of: excess nick-nacks: the "traditional" orange and grey bags. Winnow those.

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