Saturday, 31 December 2005

About me

DSC_0125_crop I'm thrilling. You care. That's me at 7.

Many many moons ago I started a blog, which is now After what seemed like a long time but actually was only a few years that moved over to ScienceBlogs; but that has recently closed, so mustelid lives again. There's an archive of all the "ScienceBlogs years" at If you're interested in ancient history, this post traces my recollections of those distant days.

I contribute to wikipedia too as User:William_M._Connolley (though less nowadays, and mostly reverting nutters) which is some source of my views on things, though beware, I don't just push my own opinions. There's a wikipedia article about me (William Connolley) which isn't totally wrong. There's an article on Conservapedia which is nearly totally wrong, but is quite amusing.

I also have a "personal" blog, That mostly consists of book reviews and holiday write-ups. If you want pix, there are far far too many at Flickr.

Last and least is my personal website,, which dates from the unimaginably distant days in which people bothered to have personal websites.

Those are the public sources. I'd say: I am a software engineer, which seems to be my metier. I work for the ex-CSR part of Qualcomm in the Bluetooth firmware "division". For diversion I argue with idiots on the internet, row, run, climb mountains all too infrequently and keep bees. I have two children and one wife.

Update: ZOMG! I forgot social media, how could I? I'm on fb, heiaheia, strava and, rarely, Twitter.