Sunday, 3 August 2014

The Peloponnese: Friday

Day the last, well last full one. Alarm at 6:30 and up at 7 (M had got up somewhat earlier and was sitting quietly on the balcony appreciating the morning until I disturbed her). Run 10 k out along the road around the bay where I walked yesterday. Fast this time: 47 mins, back to a respectable pace. Swim in the sea afterwards; lovely and calm and still.

By arrangement with the infants we breakfast at 9:30, so there is time for quiet before then. The day is to be a rest day, ie we're not going to go anywhere or do anything.

Look at the banana plants and see the "inflorescence" for the first time properly: it dangles down, sometimes a very long way, looking quite rude; and the bananas develope off it, it seems, and wiki confirms.

Lunch at the next door taverna which offers Mezes; its good, but not outstanding.

Afternoon game of Risk in the children's room. We're playing "mission Risk" and after some excitement (M gratuitously attacks me just before going out; the auto-roller on M's phone produces some grossly unfair rolls) I end up winning by sabotaging E's dreams of America.

Slightly delayed by some key-losing-but-not-really excitement, M and I go visit the bay of Voidokoilia, which is a gorgeous horseshow shape when seen from the air and a nice curve from the ground; it dovetails with the lagoon next to Sphacteria. High above is the old fortress which we don't go and see; instead we swim for a bit. Then climb up to the "archaeological site" which is a tholos grave but without its top, all alone in a field of dry grass and prickly things. And over the far side just to see the wide sea.

And so back for dinner at Zoe.

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