Monday, 23 July 2018

Bumps 2018: day 4

37713909_10101192501501464_4444446588990914560_n [Day 3]

TL;DR: row-over, but a good one.

Today was difficult: we were going to struggle to do anything but row-over, since we were chasing the same Nines 2 crew who had escaped us on Day 1, but we needed to Believe in order to have any chance. And in the end we did believe, and did do our best, but it wasn't enough. We got to perhaps 1/4 length - three whistles - on Ditton, but they pulled away somewhat down the Reach. However, that was already much better than Day 1, when they'd started pulling away after First Post. For unclear reasons Keith kept flogging us after the railway bridge, but you can see from the trace that weren't really having it. We dropped City 2 behind us early on.

Looking at my GPS trace, we managed 1:40 (6:33) from A14 to Railway bridge, which is now my record. Which is excellent: it was about time I broke the longstanding record of 2013's first-night row-over ahead of Sharks (6:40). Although our A14 to FP was still only 1:16, which we've managed all week.

And so I should name our fine crew, for posterity. In the picture you see me channelling my inner Putin, or possibly Lord Flashheart. At the back, from the left: Chris Wood (2), Alex Fanourakis (5), Conor Burgess (4), Dan McGreal (coach), Ralph Hancock (bow), Tom Pryke (stroke); on their knees before me Steve O'Rourke (3) and Jonathan Pilgrim (6), and in front Keith Lee (cox).

I should perhaps admit here that I was a touch nervous about Keith;s steering, but he was fine. The nerves came from his newness, and his tendency to hit the bank during practice starts at the Plough, due to trying to shave the wall too close. But during the race I think our lines were good.

And so, the end of another season. There seems to be some interest in doing off-Cam regattas which I think would be good: we didn't get a chance to really fulfill our potential during bumps, it would be great to have some other chances.

Afterwards, we had drinks and speeches at the Waterman until quite late (and I got a present, a hip-flash with engraved stoat, for doing the crew organising; that was quite touching), and then more drinks at City until, oh my goodness, is it really 3 am? Time to go my unsteady way home...

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