Thursday, 19 July 2018

Bumps 2018: day 3

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[Jo's video]

TL;DR: up! On City 2.

Despite my efforts to jinx us by speculating yesterday about today going on rails, it did. We got a fine start, more stable, and soon had the pleasure of seeing Tabs 4 dropping back. We had a whistle - actually Chris's Kazoo - not long after the A141, and held that for a while as the water got choppy and we wobbled on a couple of strokes. By the end of FP we were on two, then onto three around FP, and then continuous and then it was over. When it's over it's always too soon and it would have been lovely to keep racing, but before it was over I was internally desperate for it to stop, as always.

From the GPS: start peak 1:25; A14 to FP 1:36 (1:16), three seconds better than yesterday; we can still do better than that.

Up ahead, Tabs 3 duly took down Nines 2, so we get a shot at them tomorrow, just like day 1. Sadly, Tabs 2 took down the Robs 2 spoon barge, so the eagerly awaited - by me - Tabs 2 vs Tabs 3 death match won't happen. Nines 2 will be ruing not quite closing down Tabs 2 yesterday. Just one tiny extra effort can make all the difference.


1. Now I watch the video, actually, under the A14.

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