Sunday, 31 January 2016

Old pictures: Miriam and I, BKK (Bad Klein Kirchenheim) 1991

In the winter of what I can only assume was 1991, we went skiing to Bad Kleinkirchheim, because Klaus Pulverer's parents had a chalet there. Who else went? Phil I think; Rob; Klaus's brother; Edumnd Shaw. And perhaps others. We drove down, as I recall. However, the point of this post is the oil picture I painted some time afterwards from a photo taken then, of Miriam nearly asleep after a long day, and me resting on her shoulder. I remember that jumper.


Well, I'm no artist; this is for the records only. I would have kept the picture but the oil had got stuck to the glass, so threw it away in a fit of house-tidying. That one is colour-balanced by GIMP; here's an unbalanced one if you're interested.

I'm glad I thought to write the date and place on it, otherwise I'd have forgotten.

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