Friday, 19 December 2014

The Christmas things-we-did-this-year letter

Some nice people send me pix or letters of what they got up to during the year. And this is what I've made to send back. Its not very well organised. If you like, you can still read the one from 2013. Its possible, indeed likely, that I'll update it over the holidays, so do come back for another look.

Miriam and I: still working for CSR which, excitingly, is probably going to get bought by Qualcomm.
D: got good GCSEs; now in the lower 6th at the Perse doing Maths / Phys / Tech / Chem.
E: in year 8, flourishing academically, still doing clarinet and piano (she got her music colours).

I reached the venerable age of fifty. I ran the Brighton Marathon for the fourth time, in 3:43, which was effectively an equal PB; and the Amsterdam Marathon in 3:58, which was a bit rubbish. I've been climbing at Chatsworth with Howard and at Stanage with Daniel and got in a bit of mountaineering in the summer; see below. Daniel is better technically climbing than me now, but we don't talk about that. Rowing wasn't as good this year as last - but that was a hard year to match - and our up-1-down-2 in bumps wasn't really a fair return for a good crew.

Updating this after Christmas I can include the group photos. First at Mothers, where things are tradiational.


Then at M+J's, where a more modern look prevails. Note Miranda clutching her beloved Tabby in both.


Summer holidays: as a family, we went to the Pelonnonese, which was great. This is Mycenae:


Miriam and I went to the Stubai (not again) and that's at least partially written up. There are far too many gorgeous pictures of mountains to show you; here's M and me:


On a sadder note, my Uncle Henry died, and we scattered his ashes.

Lastly... do feel free to say hello in the comments; its nice to hear from people.

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