Monday, 29 December 2014

September 8th: Sulzenau to Dresdener

Next: Dresdener to Neue Regensburger.

In the morning I'd done the Lubeckerweg up the WF, while M rested.

Now we're going across to the Dresdener; book time 3h, our time 2:50. Its a bit of a trudge, up to the col and then down from the col. We've done it before, in the other direction, last year when we took the lift up to the Dresdener and discovered it closed.


I shouldn't make it sound too unappealing though. Here's the walk up the valley; and if you take the "wild wasserweg" following the stream that comes down from the Sulzenauferner you get fine views from about ~2600 m of the remains of the glacial snout. And we would have had fine views up into the mountains were it not for those pesky clouds.


Then there's the trudge up to the col, 2672 m, which is absurdly full of cairns, to the extent that M proposed that they were built to clear rubble.


On the slopes above us are particoloured goats, who always face the same direction:


Dramatic clouds on the far side cleared somewhat to reveal the view. This is the bowl leading up to the glacial summer skiing, and the guidebooks warn you how horrible all the development is. The big thing in the centre of this pic is the ski lift; somewhat beyond it and rather smaller is the hut. Actually, the "ruination" isn't too bad or particularly intrusive, contrary to how it appears in this picture.


The entrance to the hut is all the way round at the "back", and it takes us some time to work out the restaurant system, but we do and order, and worry about registering later. We end up in room 5, with two others. Showers are 1 Euro for 4 mins. The whole place is very clean and modern; the room even has a wash basin.


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