Sunday, 7 August 2016

Norway 2016

This is the "title page" for our family holiday to Norway diary.

Coming soon(ish):

* Arrival in Oslo (done)
* Hardangervidda (begun)
* Bergen (to come)
* A bit of fjords (to come)
* Folgefonna (to come)

Trip outline: we flew from Gatwick to Oslo, stayed a night, took the bus to Geilo, walked in to the Tuva hytte and from there to Kraekkja to Kjeldebu to Dyranut, then bus to Bergen, where we spent four nights before going to Fonnabu hytte on the Folgefonna ice cap; then home.

Knockout Whist tournament results: Miranda wins with 140, then Daniel 151 me 158 Miriam 171.

My own packing list (compare to the one for the Stubai in 2015) is below.


Book: Hayek: Law, Legislation and Liberty. Heavyweight in both senses, but when it came to it I chose to carry it.
Book: Angela Carter, The Magic Toyshop. Inherited from Miranda. Preferred Hayek.
Diary: new red Moleskine, plus propelling pencil.
Maps: Finse, Geilo, Folgefonna, and the planning map. Norway overall, and the Bergen map.
Little blue waterproof bag: passports, plasters (which I forgot were in there).
Wodge of Kroner.
Red Exped waterproof, used as : carry-on, daysac, around-town sac, inner dry liner.
Tee shirts: large white Brighton marathon, "technical" A'dam marathon, Chesterton rowing. And one other "respectable" one to wear. Should have dropped the large white.
Three pairs underpants: one day, one night, one spare. About right.
Socks: thin, time three. Could have been times two.
Long sleeved "pistachio" green for walking in. Good.
Coat: standard fleece, not shown, and new green Rab raincoat.
Suntan lotion (not much used alas).
Mosquito repellent (not needed happily).
Fleece gloves that I cycle in, thin running / rowing / sculling gloves.
Floppy "sealskin" hat with wire brim.
Snood / Buff times three: new yellow because I lost the old, the old that I found, black.
Water bottle.
First aid kit.
Petzel (not really needed but deemed essential security).
My share of sponge bag: toothbrush, toothpaste, shower soap, scissors. Could have been pared back a bit.
Bergen turverlag mug.
Umbrella - not useful on this trip, should have omitted.
Spire 40 - my old faithful climbing sac, should have re-waterproofed or bought cover for.
Grey "little bag" for mosquito stuff, spare glasses, spare small plastic bags.
Wire for recharging Garmin watch.
Running / hut shoes.
Ski stick.
Silk sheet sleeping bag.
Towel, small.
Tracksters, times two: slinky and looser. Should have left one out.
Running shorts - marginal.
Spare shorts: should have omitted.
Coffee: good for taking to the huts.
Playing cards.
Phone, compass, whistle, Opinel, mini-Swiss-army-knife.
DNT hytte key, unused.
Plastic mug, mostly for protecting sac from ski sticks in transit.

I wrote a google doc with some plans for the trip. You're probably not allowed to look at it.

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